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up-cat-animal-pencil-drawing-an010 middle-class-tax-cut-up-in-smoke-miscellaneous-prints-wall-art-pencil-drawing-m014 lonesome-rose-miscellaneous-prints-wall-art-pencil-drawing-m005 eyes-character-pencil-drawing-p013 those-lion-eyes-cat-pencil-drawing-c007 2015-birds-calendar-artist-choice-calendar-wall-art the-beholder-beauty-is-in-the-eye-of-miscellaneous-prints-wall-art-pencil-drawing-m011 2015-miscellaneous-calendar-artist-choice-calendar-wall-art

Artist: Tim Forhan

Color: Black & White

Date: 2011

Medium: Pencil

Item# M004

This is a re-print of the original drawing

Does not include frame or matte

Original Signature on re-print is available for

an additional cost

Drone - pencil drawing

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